If there is an image that describes this world quite well, it is this:

Non-Equilibrium Stability - Strange Attractor

This is a strange attractor – a wave-like oscillatory dynamics, which lies at the core of most phenomena that we can perceive.

Therefore, there are now several possibilities to explore:
– this is the basic building block of reality
– this is how the limits of our perception look like

Or a combination of those: a glitch, kind of a like a lens flare, the remainder where the perception device reveals its structural property.

Whatever course we chose it is quite clear that 8-like oscillatory motion is at the origin of life and therefore it could be used as the basic building block to construct further.

Many if not most phenomena in this world are based on oscillatory wave movement. Light, sound, heartbeat, breathing, seasonal changes, electromagnetic fields etc. Similar wave-like properties can be observed in social interactions, mood shifts, prey-predator population dynamics, financial market behavior (reflecting collective mood shifts).

Despite this fact, we, as human beings are often taught to think and to move in ways that are linear: past-future, yes-no, cause-effect. The most advanced studies of life tell us that the basic building blocks of this world are all based on a fractal-like composition of strange attractors, not on straight lines and plane surfaces.

This delusion reduces our adaptive and developmental capacities: in order to fly we need to accept the laws of aerodynamics and that means we need to model ourselves in accordance with our environment, not against it.

Our bodies and our minds need a different operating system. The one that takes into account wave-like properties of all matter and non-matter.

8OS ~ Open Source Body/Mind Operating System

8OS is an ongoing research for the development of body/mind open source operating system (OS) based on wave-like oscillatory movement.

In our lab sessions we explore exercises derived from Systema martial art / adaptation practice, which trains endurance and adaptability, both on the physical and psychological levels.

We also apply principles from many other body / cognitive practices, including Noguchi Taiso, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Alexander Technique, Butoh, contemporary dance, nonlinear dynamics, aerodynamics, network science, biology and life sciences.

We host weekly sessions in Berlin that explore integration of 8OS dynamics into everyday life (contact us for more details) and offer online courses and on-location workshops (through our Nodus Labs research lab) to collectively explore wave-like phenomena in various practices.