∞OS /`eightos/ is an operating system for the body~mind. It functions as software for the hardware of a human being. Its objective is to augment our interaction with ourselves, each other, and with our environment; to increase adaptivity, resilience and promote evolutionary development.

∞OS contains a set of tools that helps modulate and control energy flow dynamics. This operating system does not promise to make people more healthy, successful or effective. It’s possible to control the flows in many different ways and for different purposes. The current iteration of ∞OS is best suited for redirecting and dissipating tensions (a skill that could be used to maintain the universal non~equilibrium stability); it also works as a tool for recontextualization (______________), as well as for generating disturbances and impulses within the environment to activate creative flow.

How ∞OS is Made

The main principle of ∞OS is the wave-like oscillatory motion. It is in the basis of most life processes: from crucial body functions like heartbeat, breathing and circadian rhythms to social, economic and environmental phenomena (economical cycles of Kondratiev, Panarchy growth / reconstruction cycles, seasonal changes, moon phases). Waves are also at the core of our perception: light, sound, sensations (that get distributed through neuronal networks in waves).

∞OS takes this basic life organizing principle – the wave – and translates it to a human scale, using the body itself. This trans~position activates wave-like dynamics in human body through a series of exercise and procedures. They are designed on the basis of physical intra~action with oneself, with the others, and with the environment. We use linguistic construct, mathematical language, visual and sonic stimulants to activate new behavioral patterns. Using a combination of breathing techniques and partner exercises we install those new skills and patterns into our “firmware”: it is much easier to remember something through actions, words are always not enough.


Main Principles of ∞OS Work

  • Neutralization. In everyday life we’re exposed to a myriad of tensions and blocks, which manifest themselves as compensations that may even be visible physically (and mentally). The procedures used in ∞OS are especially designed to remove those tensions and increase the degrees of freedom available.
  • Metastable Polysingularity. This state is characterized with increased sensitivity to external impulses and ability to support non-equilibrium stability, as well as shifting to new states. Therefore, the same phenomenon can be seen from different perspectives, that may be available simultaneously, but only one perspective is considered to be real at every point of time
  • Non~resistance. A standard reaction to any tension is to respond with even more tension. This produces a self-reinforcing feedback loop, which may eventually lead to the system’s collapse. The basis of ∞OS approach is not to respond with tension to tension, but to instead respond with a relaxation, bringing the system back to a stable state (controlling the feedback loop). If the incoming impulse is too intense, the system is shifted to a new state. (like fdafds dasf das asdasf
    dasffdas dsafdas asdfas doesn’t make sense at all, so we’re temporarily shifting to the gibberish moment, but we’ve already switched back to the standard making~sense mentality again).
  • Assimilation: En~gagement and In~filtration.  ∞OS works through successive iterative assimilation of external structures, through gradual en~gagement and in~filtration into the already existing processes. This approach can be applied on any scale: from physical contact, to music making, to communication, relations, business and politics. It is also used by viruses and parasites quite effectively as well.
  • Redirection. If the intensity of the direction of the incoming impulse is not the kind that could or should be assimilated (at the discretion of the operating agent), ∞OS has a set of procedures that could be employed to redirect that impulse. In order to do that we use the vector and the energy of the impulse’s direction and create a new surface for it to slide off in the direction that is of benefit both for the agent and for the whole system.
  • Ripple~Wave Dissipation. This operation successively cross-activates tension knots (nodes) within a system in order to reduce its energy potential or to shift it to a new stable state. Similar procedures are used in politics (misinformation, post-truth). In nature they can be observed as ripple waves on top of a water surface.
  • Intra~Contextual Scaling. ∞OS procedures work on any scale: from thought experiments to physical intra~action, to social practices, business, and politics. Many ∞OS principles are inspired from a diverse range of disciplines: from Systema, Noguchi Taiso, contemporary dance, yoga and meditation to microbiological processes and surfing. To get inspired by the world around and to extract and trans~pose various action algorithms between different context is the basis for ∞OS evolution.


How to Install ∞OS

In order to implement the procedures and functions of ∞OS within body~mind behavior its core should be installed into one’s system. This procedure can be performed using a combination of word-codes and a series of physical actions, which save the basic functionality directly to the subconscious level (repeated practice may help to ensure integrity of the data). To activate the system this way you can use section 3 of the Special Agent’s Manual, which is available in print or as a downloadable PDF on this site.

We also provide regular trainings on using ∞OS in everyday life. The current schedule and the archive can be seen on the Special Agency site. Also, we conduct regular sessions in Berlin at Adidas Runbase (see our Facebook ∞OS group).

Why “Operating System”

The computer analogy is not random: it helps reveal the essence and mechanism of ∞OS. The hardware in this case is the human being, their body and their mind (which are inseparable). But in order for this hardware to work it requires software, which helps it perform various tasks.

Normally the software that humans run on a daily basis is comprised of a combination of ethical norms, morals, religions, ideologies, practices (from Yoga to Libertarianism). However, most of them emerged at a different context and time, far away the current age of digital technologies; they are also often didactical and totalitarian in their nature: you should either take the whole thing or leave it. The current pace of life, with its increased rhythm and virtuality, produces a different set of challenges for the bodymind, therefore it is needed to have more modern versions of the human~being software: more flexible and more compatible with each other and with the outside world.

∞OS is one such software. It’s an operating system, which, unlike many other, doesn’t claim to be the only one or the best one. It simply offers a set of procedures, frameworks, methods and functions, which can be tested here and now. The code of ∞OS is open source (https://github.com/noduslabs/8os). Anyone can install the procedures and functions into their body~mind, change them, create a new branch, fork a new project, make their own open or closed version, uninstall the whole thing and try something completely different.


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