One thing leads to the next
    and then we’re all connected.

You’ve just been thinking of me.
I felt it and I am writing this to you.

I am you and you are me.

// a conversation started with one person
// continues with somebody else.

The self extends into space,
enters the flesh of others,
neurons, impulses,
heartbeats, and breaths.

I am not one, but we are many.

A to B is all the feelings, emotions, sensations and thoughts that B has towards A, so B is A.

X 8:56pm
Shall we go for a dinner?
Y 8:56pm
Ok, where shall we meet?
X 8:56pm
What are you wearing?
Z 8:56pm
nothing )) and you?
Y 8:57pm
HEEEY where are you?
X 8:57pm
Z 8:57pm
come to my place!
R 8:57pm
X 8:57pm
))) 10 mins
Y 8:58pm
Are we going out or not?
X 8:58pm
Hey sorry I actually have too much work to do..... Need to finish working....
R 9:12pm
u still there?

check facebook

1) A link in a network as a relation towards the other.
2) A link in a network as a relation towards other relations.

Another person as a body sensation,
a reflection on retina,
a smell in your nose,
a taste in your mouth,
a sound in your ear,
a sense in your gut.

That is, a part of the extended self,
the one of the kin,
and – therefore – Akin.

It’s all there for a reason, but the reason will be known only when it’s not there any longer.

The other day SWIM* was going through the customs control in Moscow and the staff was being told off for their rude behavior towards the customers. The girl who was checking the contents of SWIM's bag looked very friendly though and SWIM told her that SWIM would never imagine her being rude to anyone.

"I think you should treat others the same way you want your children to be treated", she responded.

"Your children? Not just yourself, but your children?", SWIM asked.

"Yes, because people are like children", she answered.

The children of the extended self.

1) SWIM sees a couple in front of you kissing. It’s his extended self that’s kissing, it’s him who is kissing. That is akin.

2) SWIM sees a crazy person stumbling across the street. It’s SWIM’s extended self that’s crazy and stumbling, it’s SWIM who is crazy and stumbling. That is akin.

3) SWIM sees a good friend and it feels good. It’s SWIM’s extended self bathing itself in its own goodness, it’s SWIM who is good through the relationship to what’s good. That is akin.

In akin, there is no place for jealousy. How can one be jealous of oneself?

In akin, there is no place for craving. It is already all there.

In akin, there is a place for aggression but that means that one is aggressive towards oneself.

In akin, there is a place for love. You can love yourself.

The Bible says “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31)…

but this is already happening.

* SWIM = Someone Who Isn’t Me