Attention shifts more or less every minute. Faster than it takes to explain something that is complex.

Therefore, “pitching” – nowadays – is something very important and it is not to be underestimated.

To pitch is
  to squeeze the meaning
  into the simplest form
  it can have
without destroying the essence.

It is a difficult job,
  but one that is worth the effort,
  when done right,
as it might have the same implications as the nuclear (which is related, in some way, by the way).

The reason is that minification and fragmentation of data is something that has already happened, so one has to either live with it or die with it.

  to express something
  in the average timespan that is available
    for uninterrupted flow
  is crucial
to contemporary narrative building.

Subjects also have to
  #hashtag incantations
  to invoke the spirits
    to come back
  to the utterance
while they are
on the wandering journey
through data inter~pretations.


This be the end of transmission,
to adhere to the timeframe.

More is to be continued.


To pitch a tent.

To set up and fix in a definite position.

To throw the ball for the batter to try to hit.

To set one’s voice or a piece of music at a particular pitch.



Pitch black.