If there is something inside the innocence that wants to be corrupted, it is the total lack of resistance towards the eyes of the beholder. As soon as it is corrupted, it is not innocent anymore.

Image by Unknown (source: Tumblr)

“I surrender”, “I give myself up to you”. Fully, univocally, completely. But only this one time.

What’s next?

Both innocence and corruption are gone; the tension is dissolved. So it is the promise and not the final result that matters, just like in many other things where expectation plays a more important role than an actual process. To corrupt is to spoil.

Corruption lost within innocence.

An individual can also be corrupted, but why would we even use this term? Is it to emphasize that this in~dividual could have been a good person? Corrupt by default Corruption as practice.

source: Tumblr (author unknown)