In this world,
if there is something inside the innocence that wants to be corrupted,
it is the total lack of resistance towards the eyes of beholder.


Origin: from Latin corruptus ‘mar, bribe, destroy’, from cor- ‘altogether’ + rumpere ‘to break’.

Origin: from Old French, from Latin innocentia, from innocent- ‘not harming’ (based on nocere ‘injure’).

If there is something inside the corruption that is attracted towards the innocent,
It is the promise of full control.


“I surrender”, “I give myself up to you”
    fully, univocally, completely.

cannot re~sist,
full diffusion.

Lost his innocence to corruption.

Lost her innocence to corruption.

Corruption lost into innocence.

Innocent corruption.

An innocent corruption. Univocal and irresistible. Complete, full, without intention, or maybe the real intention is somewhere else. Giving up control. Surrender. Zero resistance; Destruction without harm. Harm without desire. Destruction without desire. Desire, destruction, resistance, intention, control and surrender.