Divination Manual is comprised of two books and a deck of cards. It is an abstraction of Tarot that retains its most important structural principles. The two books that are included can be used both to deepen the understanding of divinational practices (particularly Tarot) and the included card deck and charts can be used to perform divinational readings.

This work is being realized in collaboration with Colin Johnco using InfraNodus network analysis tool developed by Nodus Labs.

Some excerpts from the 1st edition of the two books (2014) are available below. The full up-to-date versions, as well as the cards kit and a graph of interconnections that can be used to create your own narratives based on this principle are available through the Special Agency.

More information about this book is available in Cognitive Stimulants / Divinatorium program. An in-depth research that demonstrates application of Polysingularity principle to the study of divinational narratives is available on Nodus Labs’ website.