The tower has a centre V shape insulator configuration
    which is held within a diamond shape.

This increases the apparent height of the tower
    but reduces the apparent width of the tower.

The outer insulators are held by two diamond shape cross arms
    which extend from either side of the tower.

The earthwires are attached at the top
    using smaller cross arms
        or wings.



A lattice steel structure
    supports two separate circuits.

The conductors on the double circuit tower
    are connected to the lattice structure
    by horizontal lattice cross arms
    and by vertical insulators.

The earthwire is connected
    at the top of the structure.

The energy flows circulate
    along fortified aluminium wires
    supported by folded sheets of steel.


In electric induction,
charges on a power line
attract or repel
free charges
    within the body.

Since body fluids
are good conductors
    of electricity,
charges in the body
move to its surface
under the influence
    of this electric force.



A positively charged
overhead transmission line
induces negative charges
to flow to the surfaces
on the upper part
    of the body.

Since the charge on power lines
alternates from positive to negative
many times each second,
the charges induced
on the body surface
    alternate also.

Negative charges induced
on the upper part of the body
    one instant
flow into the lower part of the body
    the next instant.

Power-frequency electric fields
induce currents in the body
as well as charges on its surface.

We now move on to the Rites of Power.