We now proceed to the discussion of es~sence.

What is the essence of things?

What is the essence of this question?

This is absolutely essential.

“The very essence of this idea…”

The essential weakness of this,
the essential weakness of that.

It is essential to realize that whatever it is that is realized is essential to the process of realization.

It is essential to keep up-to-date records.

To keep the essence.

It is the essential part of the process.

The essence is the essential part of the process.

There is no essence.

S/he has no essence.

It has no essence.

The essence evaporated.

(How many times did I ask you not to use that word?)

The essence of this question is to understand what is of real essence to us.

The essence is still there.

Essentially, what they are trying to do is _________.

That’s the essence.

The essential parts of this device are protected against any electrical or otherwise surge and will complete their program automatically without any intervention from therein.


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