“This is morally incorrect” they might say.

// declaration of variables

Morals are about the proper conduct, the customs.

Ethics is the science of morals (meta-level zoom out).

Interestingly, the interest towards ethics increases,
while the interest towards morals decreases.
(especially since 1940)

After all, what is right and what is wrong in the world that has seen it all?

However, there is a need for some kind of navigation.
(especially since 1980)

A system of conduct, even if it is not proper.


The System of Improper Conduct.
// private ethics


Where does one begin?

A horse is licking the pussy of another horse

A horse is licking the vagina of another horse.

This happens sometimes and it seems to be fine in itself
but there are some situations where this may be deemed somewhat improper.



But what is really “proper”?


The origin of the word “proper”
comes from the Latin “proprius”,
which means “one’s own, special”.


Somebody takes
what is “proper”
and makes it
their own.

moral conduct
private space
not asking the questions that are inconvenient
not walking naked on the streets
behaving oneself.

The actual “proper” is, then,

i want to be closer = breaching the private space
i want to know = asking wrong questions
i want to enjoy the sun = no nudity on the beach

The proper,
as it is known,
is not really proper.

To become im/proper
is to reclaim
the notion of proper
to where it really belongs

to oneself.

going outside of oneself
to find what belongs
to oneself

A Naked Man - photo by Mikel Marton



to be constantly making fools of themselves
to avoid falling into the trappings of context.
/creating one's own/

Rejoicing oneself
and losing oneself
to find oneself
somewhere new

/your special/

The notion of beautiful
    and any other notion
that has a reference point,
  loses its centrality
and starts to playfuck
  with itself.

Non-Equilibrium Stability - Strange Attractor

1 + 1 = 8

“Together it’s more than the sum of its parts.”


if we assume that waves, oscillations and change are the only constants then whatever it is that appears to be constant is actually not.

“Time prevents everything from happening at once”.

Just by the way of time,
there are no two identical moments,

So the only verifiable truth
  is that
everything is changing.

Nothing else
can be taken
for granted.

In fact, the mind is performing tremendous job keeping it all together, 
so that the fragile body can navigate through the environment for several decades without getting destroyed - as this LSD molecule shows

how is it changing
how it is different.

notes to oneself:

writing in lowercase

Capital Letters Take Themselves Too Seriously.

constant variability
constant commitment
non-equilibrium alternation between both
sense of humour
/ability to take a different perspective/

making a leap
sideways and outside

saying hello
to strangers in the streets
as if you've known them forever.

to treat the people
you've known forever
as if you've never
met them before