Polysingularity is the natural condition of our mind, our body, and our world.

On a very simple level polysingularity is when things could have been like this, just like they are right now, but also – like that, and like this, and also like that, and like this, and like this, and like that… But in the end they are like this at this moment of time and they can change any moment.

Polysingularity is when there are multiple solutions possible, but only some are actualized at every moment of time.

Polysingularity is thinking in terms of non-equilibrium stability rather than balance.

Polysingularity is thinking in terms of processes rather than objects.

Polysingularity is as much conceptual as it is embodied.

Polysingularity is pure movement.

Polysingularity is not science, art, business or politics for these are the artificial containers, which purposefully limit the scope of human capacities (and for a good reason).

Polysingularity is not ideology for it doesn’t justify anything, it only exposes.

For polysingularity there is no one and the only, there are many and they are all different.

When something is polysingular it has the capacity to be many.

Without time there would be no polysingularity, because everything would have happen at once.

Without space there would be no polysingularity, because everything would have been anywhere.

Therefore, polysingularity emerges through our inability to perceive things at once and everywhere at the same time. It’s the basic condition of our relation to the absolute.

Polysingularity is when many interacting parts connect in a certain way and actualize a certain aspect of their connectivity. So it has to do with synchronization, simultaneity and momentum.

It’s hard to say whether polysingularity exists without humans. Probably it does. Maybe it doesn’t. The only thing we can say, however, is that polysingularity is itself polysingular, therefore if there was no humans it could have existed in many different ways and it could also not have existed in many different ways.

Polysingularity is made out of interacting parts. They come together to form a temporary whole, which, in turn, influences them back.

Polysingularity is thinking in networks instead of straight lines.

Polysingularity is thinking in terms of multidimensional fractals instead of surfaces.

It’s easier to become aware of polysingularity through repetitive action loops. The slight difference manifested in each iteration is a reminder that there are many more ways to evolve than what we are normally used to.

Polysingularity is the study of co-isolated interacting multiplicities that nevertheless retain their essence.

Polysingularity shows that narrative is just one of the possible routes, out of many.

One cannot underestimate the importance of narrative in polysingularity. If there was no narrative, there would be no choice, there would be no specificity, no singularity, no polysingularity.

Polysingularity is when contigency meets absolute necessity.

Polysingular centre is neither a point, nor a cycle, it’s a strange attractor in the midst of chaotic landscape.

Polysingularity is when you can maintain several centers at once.

Polysingularity is the ability to change at any moment of time combined with the ability to maintain any position dynamically.

Polysingularity as a word is withstanding the force of the flow in order to make it stronger.

Polysingular being is an entity where several moving entities synchronise in the way that could not have been the same anywhere else.

Polysingularity is seeing the world in processes.

Polysingularity is where local becomes global that influences the local, which is itself global on a different scale.

Polysingularity is a practice of dynamic self-replication.

Polysingularity is when you look at the ocean and see many different islands, each of them is unique in their own way, together they form the land, and make a certain form of life possible.

If polysingularity was a shape, it would have many different sides and dimensions. But every time you looked at it, you would probably only be able to see maximum four dimensions and one or two sides. And every time it would be a different shape at a different place.

Polysingularity is patterns in chaos.

Polysingularity is dissipative structures.

Polysingularity is winner less competition.

Polysingularity is metastable.

Polysingularity can maintain several local dynamic non-equilibrium stable states which interact to produce a global state of non-equilibrium dynamic stability.

Polysingularity itself is polysingular.

Polysingularity in a phase space with strange attractors.

Polysingularity follows chaotic itinerancy.

Any text is polysingular, because the way words combine together and produce a meaning depends on so many other elements at play.

Any body is polysingular, because it can look, feel, hear, move in so many different ways.

Polysingularity is when several ongoing processes interact, compete, fuel and cancel each other out, to produce something much more complex than what they could have done on their own.

Polysingularity is like many repetitions with slight differences, which occasionally flip out of their predictable route only to come back to a new center of gravity for a moment of time.

Polysinglarity is a practice of maintaining several centers of gravity.

Polysingularity is what we usually refer to as “healthy” or “beautiful”.

Polysingularity is just a word and it can mean a lot of things, depending on how you look at it. But once you look it means only one thing and that one thing is the most important for you at that moment of time.

Polysingularity is the easiest to experience when you feel circles or loops in your thoughts or in your movement.

Polysingularity is always to be continued.