“I would say the community of love is a community living to share the absence of common being. Not the absence of being–in–common, but the absence of common being,” said Jean-Luc Nancy one day or maybe several times in various different ways. Then the other day one could see the following written at Berghain’s restroom: “L’amour n’est pas une appartenance” (love is not belonging).

Too many times we confuse the desire to have something for love.  Once confused, the desire doesn’t know anymore. Instead of being focused on something, it dissipates in time and space. Its warm radiation is touching everything and everyone around, even what would normally be beyond our reach. Love doesn’t then want to have something. Instead, it emanates, transcends, and fills in the emptiness, which seems unsurpassable.

This is love (between X and O in this case):

This is belonging (O belongs to X and X belongs to O):

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord”, says the Bible (18:22).

“He who finds something where there is nothing and doesn’t expect any favors back is in Love”, we answer.

Expert comments:
• A network that consists of unsurpassable structural gaps that are continuously maintained and even nurtured is the network of love.
• An interconnected network is the network of belonging, ownership, collective movement, innovation – anything else, but not love.
•  Love is when the elements come together (into play*) despite any common sense logic that would normally hold them apart.