One is not to underestimate
the power of love,
but even love
(as anything that is powerful)
needs infrastructure.

LOVEFABRIK is the infrastructure for love.

It was established in place of the line that used to separate one part into multiple.

It was established to integrate, multiply, aggregate, synthesize, synchronize, nurture, and love.

LOVEFABRIK Berlin and Paris headquarters both have water, gas, electricity, nourishing food, and a lot of space for brothers and sisters to dance and to love each other.

Incremental multiplication.

A strong and immediate connection.

LOVEFABRIK is guided by
complex systems,
but not by analysis.

Diving in.

In the interests of history, some chronological details.

You come to me, I come to you, we come to each other.

Colin and Dmitry, LOVEFABRIK.

Photo by Evan.