In this world, everyone wants to have their personal space.// “you’re getting too close”

A space where their persona can extend, stretch, and feel free to function.

The subjects of our study pay double to have a little bit more of their personal space in the 1st class of a train.

The subjects of our study work days and nights just to be able to afford a little bit of their personal space in NYC.

When somebody crosses their personal space, they get triggered and ask them to move back.

When somebody is trying to get closer, they push them back.

// “are you afraid to be hurt?”

Therefore, it looks like — in this world — the aspiration is to be left alone.

The more alone the subjects are, the more secure they feel. Ironic, because it can also be the other way round.

To be cool is to not enter anyone’s personal space and not to let anyone too close either. Don’t show you’re too excited, don’t show that you care too much.

Here we can also connect to the notion of cynicism.

Also — fame (what a convenient way to pretend like you’re not alone).

The subjects, in this world, seem to be too afraid of each other.

// to trust someone = to be weak

To open up to somebody is to invite a possibility of pain
and in this world pain is something to fear, not to learn from.

This increasing atomization of subjects
leads to their own exclusion.

// the “other”

They do not want to belong
but it is also hard to be alone.

So the subjects want to explode
they want to blow up
they stimulate their emotions with chemical substances
they want to destroy
because this world is not for them

Full Extinction.

Waiting for the end of the world to come.

Image credit: SEVDALIZA