Dedicated to non-equilibrium stability of asynchronous oscillations.

Every track is a carefully selected sonic experience
maintaining its musicality
through out of phase


things don’t have to be in sync
in order to be together.

In fact,
having two
and more
out of sync,
and yet
still interacting

creates very stable spatiotemporal structures.

Examples include:
your own body
(your gait vs your hands swaying vs your heartbeat vs your breathing),
prey-predator relations,
seasonal changes vs moon cycles (today is full moon, by the way!),
et cetera.

But sometimes actions speak better than words.

Every track
has at least
two rhythms
that live
their own lives
and yet
to interact
with one another.

Low frequency –
one rhythm.
High frequency – 
another rhythm.


making distinctions,
get the full experience.


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