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Photo by EGR


1.Vitamin D by Solpara / Other People
2.Brat by Obgon / Incompetence
3.Shores Of Caladan by Rhythmic Theory / Berceuse Heroique | Ancient Monarchy
4.Here Here / Здесь Здесь by PTU / Incompetence
5.Path Inwards by Abdulla Rashim / Northern Electronics
6.resup by Concierge / ZAUN Records
7.Dating My Alien by Miki Craven / Dynamic Reflection
8.Complex by Deapmash / Clubwerks
9.Rush 12 by Yan Cook / Delsin Records
10.Splade by Dorisburg / Northern Electronics
11.Follow (Phil Moffa Remix) by Humans / Hybridity Music
12.Flash Street by Lemonick / Clubwerks
13.Contagion by Ryo Murakami / Meakusma
14.Cosigns by PMM / Berceuse Heroique
15.Rhythm Variation 04 by Aoki Takamasa / raster noton

“As I look up, I see the sky shining through me, into me. I have to hold my desire. Internalize it into short-circuits in every cell of my body, exploding imploding at every moment of time. It’s turning inside and – unreleased – morphs into fervency. I resonate inner force back into the sea and it responds in a wave-like motion, engulfing whatever intention there is to become something else.”