Future travels into polysingular rhythms of 3/5 earth surface chromatic time plane.

1.If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are by Raime
2.Substance by DJ Khalab
3.Hold On (feat. LSWR) by Clap! Clap!
4.Hallelujah by LION KNGS
5.Walanah by Halid Massal
6.Angst by HVAD
7.Artificial death in the west by Death Grips
8.Spacer (Original Mix) by Takaaki Itoh
9.It Began (feat. Clap! Clap!) by Ribongia
10.Kill Dem Sub by Dismantle
11.Hazy by SPD
12.Temper Tantrum by Millie & Andrea
13.Stabbers Conspiracy by Cut Hands
14.Flute Worx by Laszlo Dancehall
15.Look Out (Tessela Remix) by Die Roh
16.Gazela (feat. Clap! Clap!) by Ribongia
17.Look (Dub) by Bok Bok
18.Nevermind That (feat. Rick Ross) by Ab-Soul
19.Assoul by Tinariwen
20.MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys by MMM
21.Stereotype (Global Bass version) (Bonus) by Diamond Bass