The following program is better administered when the proper time (~360 seconds) and space is given for the network of meanings to unfold to the fullest extent. The possible effects and side-effects of this cognitive stimulant are described below.



Back in the 3797AD, as pre~dicted, humans left a lot of things behind.

Some of the more impressive visible structures were the electric power trans~mission lines that used to distribute energy across surface.

Survivors of Terra developed a cargo cult, completely self-aware and totally meta-stable, to worship the remnants of those networked structures. They meditated on the magical process of creating magnetically-charged circular movement within the turbines of power stations, producing a motion of electrons through alternating the current, and then transferring them to the most remote destinations to be later converted into light, heat, terabytes of data, and – in some cases – back into fire and movement, again.

Parts of a report that attempted to analyze this practice were later recovered and is presented below.

Every desire may have an obstacle.
Prayer = activity that has a certain relation to desire.
helps overcome the obstacle.
Repetitive prayers to repeatedly overcome
obstacles towards desire.
Redistribution of energy, frequencies,
Alternating Current and/or Direct Current.
More energy can be transmitted
when it is in alternating current
= used in high voltage power lines. 
The flow then gets transformed
into the direct current,
decreasing the voltage,
increasing the power.
All electrical conductors
have some level
of resistance,
even if it's very small.
The resistance
might not even be measurable
with an average multimeter
used in a home,
but since the resistance
is cumulative
over the length of the conductor,
the total value
over long distances
can add up.
The voltage – pressure –
is high to overcome obstacle.
The power – force –
is low to avoid exhaustion.
When the transmission is complete,
the obstacle is transcended,
the power is increased,
the pressure is receded.
The prayer brings ___________
The current goes back and forth,
producing oscillations
of very small particles,
traveling from one orbit
onto the other,
creating a steady flow
once ready to reach the destination
where the energy
will be transformed
into something else.
The moment of transformation
demands lower pressure and higher force;
so it can change.
Then the pressure of oscillations
and the force is reduced again,
the transmission of energy occurs,
the prayer begins again.