You know how it usually happens, right? He’s standing in the middle of the room. Then he starts walking, coming a little bit closer… standing… waiting… walking off a little bit… looking… thinking… thinking… thinking… walking towards you again… a little bit hesitant maybe… Then he walks back into the opposite corner again… Fixes his hair, looks away. He’s looking away from you. Then he looks at you again. Makes a step forward, but then comes back. Waiting. Turning his head, looking. Tilting it a little bit, trying to see better. Nodding. Nodding. Shrugging. Walking towards you again. Standing. Standing. Standing. Silence. Just a half-smile, squinted eyes. Approaching even closer, walking away. Turning his back on you, walking off. Stopping, turning around. Coming back again. Looking you in the eyes. Smiling. Half-smiling. Walking off again. Polysingularity of being all the things that make you feel like there’s a slight friction to everything, but then this is what makes everything possible also. Right?

Photo by campusprogress@FlickR