I typically start with sound selection. Usually this involves my own source recordings that I will start to process into “musical” sounds. I like to use processes like convolution and granular processing to alter and shape the sounds into drones and textures. Once I’ve got a set of sounds I like I drop them into a max/msp patch of my own making that I use to sequence and further process the sounds. Then there is just a lot of listening and iteration. This is the part of the process I love the most as I basically will listen to the track on infinite loop and gradually whittle away things I don’t like and add bits and pieces like rhythmic components. Lastly, if it seems to call for it, I might have some friends come in to play instruments over top. In the past, this has always been about improvisation that I later edited to my liking. On Endless Falls (the track) the string component was actually written by me.

(by Loscil via symbiosis)