Everybody is special and everyone is an agent.
Every human being is special
  even if just because they are unlike anyone else –
  hence, the “special”.
Every human being acts in the world –
  hence, the “agency”.
So even if you don’t yet know it,
  you are a Special Agent
  you are a part of a Special Agency.
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There are at least as many Special Agencies around the world as there are people,
but there can be even more.
Special Agency is an open source way of thinking,
a certain methodology of proceeding
  beyond the limits imposed by
    any external context,
    market or institution.
It is a way of finding oneself
  from within
  and allowing it
  to fully express itself
  towards the outside
in order
  to live,
  and evolve.
Every Special Agent
acts within the frame,
which is constantly
and morphed
into poly-orthogonal shapes,
which gain their own frequency, rhythmicality, physicality, emotional hues, and variable dynamics.
In that Special Agent channels
the very unique thing
that is only him/her/its and nobody else’s –
  the natural lifeflow that was mysteriously obfuscated by one’s personality.
It’s the remainings and artefacts of those obfuscations
which are of interest to a Special Agent,

as they are forming the building blocks
and energy packets
within the physical matter –
such as
this screen,
the retina of the one who’s reading,
the neuronal signal of the one who’s writing,
the tremble within the air produced
  by somebody who speaks,
sensations of somebody who touches.
This description in itself
can be modified
transformed into something else
by anybody.
Via https://github.com/noduslabs/specialagency

The link above is a version tracking system normally used in programming. It keeps track of the changes submitted during the collaborative process of writing software. One can “fork” (create a copy branch) of this text and make their own “special” version of it (this case). One can submit a “push” request, which means they’re proposing their changes to the first branch and it may or may not incorporate them.
Whatever the outcome, those branches can develop in parallel, maintaining their specificity and yet able to interact and inspire each other.



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