A selection of contemporary classical music, ambient, experimental, and dream techno tracks. Carefully blended to infuse low-frequency oscillatory movement for soothing effect on somacognitive constitution. 

“The materials that constitute our body are undoubtedly of this Earth and have participated in and experienced the creation process of the Earth. Therefore our body, living here and now, includes the entirety of history of the Earth. What is called “live”, “body” and “mind” is precisely a phase of change and flow of the Earth. There is no absolute standard for all things. Every standard comes into being within ourselves, freshly here and now, each time, relatively through relationships. Becoming aware of these relationships allows you to truly become one with original nature itself and you develop a clearer understanding of how your mind/body operates and a greater appreciation of the involvement of your thought process in all your physical acts.”

– Michizo Noguchi (via Imre Thormann)

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1.The Transfinite Self (6) by Mark Fell
2.Burton by Anthony Pateras
3.Demdike Stare Meets Shangaan Electro by Demdike Stare
4.Castle Morro by Excepter
5.Bass Drum Drone by Brian Chase
6.120330_ds_2 by Stefan Faerber & Dmitry Paranyushkin
7.Fall and Fall by Hakobune
8.Shores Of Caladan by Rhythmic Theory
9.Second Narrows by Loscil
10.Statical by Ryo Murakami
11.A field perpetually at the edge of disorder (Fataka 9) by John Edwards Mark Sanders John Tilbury
12.Spit At The Mirror (Original Mix) by Afterhours
13.El Amarna by Berliner Ring
14.Ground by G.H.
15.Storage (2) by Mark Fell
16.Aulodie Mioritica (Gamma) (1983) by Iancu Dumitrescu
17.Crippled Symmetry – I by Morton Feldman
18.The Transfinite Self (1) by Mark Fell
19.Big Other by Doom Ribbons
20.In Flamen by Looper
21.Anagramme of My Love by Huerco S
22.Kaivue by Vladislav Delay
23.101007_set_cd_r-1_ct by kraniche
24.The Transfinite Self (4) by Mark Fell
25.Po Zarechnoy Storone / Za Nashei Rekoi by Vladimir Belyaev

Iceland aerial by Andre Ermolaev