Starts from 6:50.

The B…. Belly With Us All In It

The belly with us all in it
Hangs above a bath of leaves

That big woman
Her body hurts
And she wants
To rest
in green water

The hand
that brings us out
of captivity
Turns another page
In a living room

That old man
He’s waiting outside
And he wants
that woman

What is this spring
end of summer
Cold setting in…

Who are you
Creator of cold
Who are you
Creator of loud, lonely
Creator insect
Creator of pavement
Creator of both
and the burning world
Who are you?
Inside the minds
Of countless generations
Simultaneous speaker
Inside the minds
of all living
in the minds of men
in the minds of animals
songs in the mind
of bird
patterns in the minds of
water in the minds of fish
Who are you?
What is the meaning of
the strange books
People say that you wrote
The books full of murder
Books full of blood
Books full of vision and loss
Books full of teacher
People stand up
As if they were in a taller air

And are you mine also?
Even I who has forgotten my song
Forgotten two leaves in the small wind.

Leaves are up in the setting sun
The leaves blowing up in the street.

Are you even mine?


Cannot match its beauty…

And even if you could match its beauty

You cannot make it continue

And even if you could make it continue

You cannot make it everywhere

And even if you could make it everywhere

You cannot match its infinity.

And even if you could match its infinity

You could only do that

Using it


This is why

There is no other world


There is another world

Poem by Eric Green, hosted by Mr Forget, music Kraftwerk/INOJ