In this world,
when pouring water onto the earth
or a flower
one can easily see how it penetrates
layer by layer
diffusing through granules,
in semi-concentrical shapes.
(just like on this picture)

The action
and the moment

it reaches
the very end
of itself

separated in time.
And even then
the rainforest flower
after a while.

So there seems to be no end
to something
that has been done
even if it was just once.

Diffusion as a trace of propagation through medium.

A viral marketing campaign
contained tools
to track its propagation
on the network.

The experiment took place
from July 08, 2008
to September 18, 2008.

Five bloggers were given a Flash widget
to publish on their blogs.

The widget was a visual representation
of its own
current state
of propagation.

Information also moves in concentric semi-circles.
The same goes
for many other things
including, but not limited to,
interaction between species.