One can say
    that beauty
        is almost always
    an effect of limitation.

A maple tree leaf looks the way it does
because it had to fold itself
in order to fit inside the bud.

// genetic code meets the environment

Human brain is the same. So is cauliflower. Its shape is the result of negotiation between the growth of the matter and the space limitations that it encounters.

Friction makes movement possible.
In order to move one has to push backwards.

When something is alive, it is changing.

The change is directed towards,
    and into the outside.

The space limitations
    that life encounters
are engraved into the shape
    the living thing
takes on itself.

Instead of becoming anything,
it becomes very specific,

The way it manifests life
    is encoded in time
    as a shape
that it takes on
    and forward.

When there is friction, there is evolution. Life creates obstacles and overcomes them itself.

Love is also full of friction.

When something moves against something else.

Even as simple as touching hands.

Lotka-Volterra equations describe
prey-predator dynamics in nature.

The mathematical charts
depict interactions
between species in time.

They represent impossibility
to fully describe and transcend.

Imagination stops at the frontiers of perception.

All we have are those traces.

The traces of life de~scribing itself.

Motion towards and outside
encountering the limits of outer space
leaving a trace of its own attempt
on the surface of the horizon.