Transnomia is a state of transition between two different systems of beliefs where the old one is abandoned already but the new one is not embraced yet. A similar state emerges when something appears to have a meaning but does not yet make sense.

In the trial study presented below the audience was introduced to a closed system of 52 floating signifiers (body/language/movement gestures without particular meaning attached – can be seen as the nodes in a network), which were then bound together in random ad-hoc constellations (connections between the nodes – edges). After a certain number of iterations, the network appears to be “connected”, the patterns emergewhich produces a particular sensation that those constellations “make sense”. Those patterns were then continuously dismantled, producing “Transnomic” states (a suspended meta~stable condition between two different systems of belief or meaning), which were marked by the audience’s laughter during those transitionary moments.