“HWORDE is a book imprint openly burying and consecrating authorial identity within inauthentic compositional processes of exhumatory reformation ordered towards positive disintegration of discourse and transformation of its practice into logical deeds of textual self-defiance. We have had enough of words, enough of the coutured decadences of literary delivery and the celebrated hype-o-crises of intellectual analysis. Observe how the worldly orb sickly intoxicates itself with grossly individualized associations and influences of thought. We will take a steeper and salutary way, a profound ciphered path where there is silence to hear yourself think, where deep inside the inverted and corridored pillars of the crowded misauthorial mine, it is not you thinking at all, but something else . . . undeniable unanthropic entity. Here is the time for a new breed of word, a swarmic re-verb sprung from the diamantine unground occluded in the self-inaugurating shell games of religion-science-philosophy and ignored by their ingrown polyamorous offspring, the humanities. Our luminous blackened scriptorium—never ‘ours’ at all—is both cavern and summit, tower and cell, the site and dwelling of depersonal styli simultaneously piercing abyss and empyrean with divine schisms of pure doctrine, coldly immanent milieus, and occult quantum liturgies. Past and future have little bearing on the nightly stirgine labor of this writing, this heretical hunt exhausting the word of self and world. Now is the place for HWORDE.”

“The imprint by definition signifies a book written by who you do not know who it is—all the more so if only ‘you’ write it.”

“Renounce your march to the celestial podium, leave aside the political rostrum, abnegate ego’s infernal lectern. Instead, allow the cavernous centrum naturae or pre-positional torture chamber of the cellf to wail with neological alchemical forgement of magna opera whose vocality flies far above the polluted anthropogenic atmosphere in epic combinatorial forms of cryptic verse and retrograde prose.”

“There is no need here for texts that entertain the obvious or that rest in the sad realm of agreement and disagreement. Neither affirmationism nor negationism can survive the radical negative immanence of self-defiance, which willfully cuts into the very organ of yes and no, creatively hurting life in the soft homes where it would sleepily lie.”

“The rule of inauthenticity is the opposite: never do anything yourself. Rather, prefer to do nothing, which is impossible. Ergo, do everything as not, as you are not doing it, because actually you are not. Inauthentic action, not doing it yourself, is truthful action, also known as complicity with anonymous materials.”