In this world, there are many different kinds of dreams, including lucid ones. But one particular type of dream of interest is the Dream that is Incorporated.

Those dreams usually originate from marketing departments, boutique agencies, creative consultancies, and other kinds of parasitic structures created by subjects in order to survive.

They are manufactured from the aggregate data of the obvious and repressed needs of the majority diminished to the lowest common denominator, brought to an easily-digestible tasteless mass, sold as a form of Prozac to address insecurities and perceived ineptitude [] of that very majority.

/often made by the [rich/white/hetero/coked-up] male subjects fresh out of business schools/

If a subject ever finds themselves in a dream,
it is easy to tell when it was incorporated (and, thus, compromised).

It will claim to be “legendary”, “innovative”, “extraordinary”, “unforgettable”, “immersive”, “collaborative” and “fun” before it even begins.

It will also have some of the common pathologies often found in Dreams that are Incorporated:

a) exaggerated presence of sterile white and Apple devices indicating propensity towards control

b) a nostalgic drive towards authenticity – unattainable due to the manufactured nature of the dream

a digitally scanned hand-written note explaining the rationale behind a ridiculous act

a new table that’s made to look old

c) conformism and uniformity wrapped in a playful infantile kindergarten aesthetics

welcome to the ikea children’s room – feel free to play while your parents (larry and sergey) go shopping!

each chair is a bit different, but in the end, they are all the same