The book of things that were made known beforehand.

  • Operational Strategy of Desire

    The more something lacks the more it is needed. The absence produces desire. The presence precedes the absence. a sudden distraction … /* somebody came by, telling me their dream. they woke up, makeup smeared on their face, i ask: did you have sex in your dream? no. we start to touch each other. eyes […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin May 14, 2017
  • Unfathomable Loneliness

    Now     that those days are gone And the rooms are brighter     with the light     that we couldn’t see before And the air is fuller     with the silence     that we couldn’t hear before   Let’s embrace     this newly found emptiness     silently observe     and give in To the breeze     of this newly found air.             […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin February 4, 2015
  • Security

    There is a thing     about security: It positions itself On the border     between whatever it is     that is allowed     and that, which is not.     whatever it is     that is protected     and that, which is not.     whatever it is     that is concealed     and that, which is not. In this way     to be on the side of […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin December 1, 2014
  • #hashtag #story

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    Dmitry Paranyushkin July 16, 2014
  • The Dream and the Reason

    There is a particular moment     within a dream, When one realizes     that it is a dream. The first thought:     “What a superb rendering of reality!” Every shape, every color, every constellation – all this is a product of imagination.           After the initial appreciation     has subsided, (and somehow it always does) the […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin April 8, 2014
  • Essence

    We now proceed to the discussion of es~sence. What is the essence of things? What is the essence of this question? This is absolutely essential. “The very essence of this idea…” The essential weakness of this, the essential weakness of that. It is essential to realize that whatever it is that is realized is essential […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin January 23, 2014
  • Form and Color

    Sometimes we are interested in form:                            Sometimes we are interested in color:                         

    Dmitry Paranyushkin January 14, 2014
  • Recommendations

    Keep up-to-date on developments via the Internet. • Buy Duct tape, masking tape and self-adhesive weather stripping. • Cover windows and doors with plastic. • Cover electrical outlets and light switches with plastic. • Cover vents in bathrooms and stoves with plastic. • Cover your pets and your children with plastic. • Cover your computers […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin January 2, 2014
  • Slave to the Inner Totem

    If one is to be a slave of something, there are many things to choose from: Slave to one’s job. Slave to one’s family. Slave to the circumstances. Slave to external demands. Slave of habits. Slave to the rhythm. Slave of the fact that a washing machine is a really convenient thing to use, however, […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin December 17, 2013
  • Magic (Procedure)

    The magic unfolds and reveals itself. The movement starts somewhere deep. It travels throughout the body     or any other substance. Gradually… Creating the space and time     (it needs) It emanates     In concentric shapes. Each iteration is slightly reminiscent of the other,     But is, in fact, different. The traces of magic are sometimes plotted as phase […]

    Dmitry Paranyushkin November 26, 2013
  • Closer

    In the end We are all Just trying To get closer To ourselves.

    Dmitry Paranyushkin November 25, 2013
  • Partial Wisdom

    It is easy     To inspect an object To determine     which properties it has By attempting     To retrieve the properties And examining     the values obtained.   O!   This is all     there is to say About the objects     and their properties.

    Dmitry Paranyushkin November 23, 2013
  • Availability of a Notion

    The notion is not available at the moment. Please, try again later.

    Dmitry Paranyushkin September 22, 2013
  • Some Unities are More Remarkable than Others

    Some unities are more remarkable than others. Because they stand out from the rest.

    Dmitry Paranyushkin August 16, 2013